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About Nick Tolman

Nick is a music educator and professional musician. Growing up in Idaho, he comes from a musical family and plays many instruments including trombone, guitar, bass, piano, and a few others.


  • Studying music for nearly 30 years
  • Bachelors in Music Education
  • 6 years US Army Band, Active Duty (current)


Other hobbies include hiking, traveling, videography, and wrestling his 3 young sons!

Comments & Reviews

Nick, You have the best method, the best diction, the right speed of speech , the best options for what and where to emphasize for the best understanding. I have seen most of the popular guitar teachers, payed subscriptions, listened to famous people showing how to play guitar. But no one does it the right way. This is the right way. Huge thanks!!
Demian Radu Cosmin
YT Subscriber
Wow. Another Master Class. The discussion of the pick techniques to hit just the 3 strings for the FGB chord. Huge! It is so helpful for you to talk about things like this that are hard so we don't think it's just us and it should be easy. But it's not easy and great that you flag that.
D (3)
Fraser Street
YT Subscriber
Thanks so much for these, I'm not up to this yet but I'm going through the Hal Leonard books and your videos are so valuable! It really helps to hear you play the song to make sense of them. I just learned 'When The Saints Go Marching In'. Keep it up!!
A Layman's Perspective
YT Subscriber
I am glad I found your channel. I have been working on the Mel Bay method on my own and making slow progress (currently on Book 2 the expanded version) there is not much on the internet to help with the MB guitar method. Your videos really help me understand with more insight to the material. Thank You for this series, your teaching method is comprehensive and clear. Hopefully, in the future MB Books..3,4..etc. you never know.
D (2)
YT Subscriber
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